Hi!  I’m Nadia!  I am a girl in my twenties who loves food and cooking.  Thankfully, I have someone to feed, my husband (aka the guinea pig).  Otherwise, I would be the size of a house and then some!

Growing up, I was never a picky child as far as eating was concerned.  In the eighties, when I was growing up, there was not the same emphasis on food in mainstream society.  Nevertheless, as a six year old, I throughly enjoyed watching Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and even Yan Can Cook on PBS.

To this day I am a lover of all things yum!  My love for food has only grown along side with me.  I want more people in my age group to embrace cooking and the joys of eating with others.  It seems that for many people their twenties cooking is a last priority.  I want to show people that it’s easy to cook and doesn’t take too much effort.  Plus, final product is so rewarding.

I love observing people and their relationships with cooking and food and have learned all know merely by watching others and, of course reading.  I do not discriminate against any region’s cuisine and at home try to maintain global aura in my kitchen.  However, growing up in a Pakistani household, the cuisine of my ancestry always correlates to home and comfort. My approach to food is fresh and global.  I hope you all enjoy this journey with me and hope you enjoy my posts and try out my recipes.  I assure you they will be YUM!

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The recipes will be mine, adapted, or inspired.  If I am using someone else’s recipe, even if only for inspiration I will give the credit where it is due.