Happy Valentine’s Day!  It does not matter if you’re a hater or lover of this over-commercialized and greeting card/ flower/chocolate company jackpot day.  We do not have to let the mainstream aspects of this day distract us from really good desserts!  I made these red velvet cupcakes* to set the tone for the day.  No matter how cliché and overdone red velvet cupcakes are, I will always have a soft spot for the bright crimson that lights up everyone’s face when they see them.  I will always ooh and aah in utter delight over cupcakes.  They are sweet, fun, and girly.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or just doing your own thing,  take this day as an excuse for a little decadence.  Yield with desire to whatever sweet treat your heart commands you to enjoy.  Wow, I just got a little 1992 Danielle Steele romance novel on you there.  Whatever it takes, I guess!  I am just giving you all a push to have a fab’ Valentine’s Day, and fill it with love and sweet goodness!

*Cupcake recipe courtesy of Pinch My Salt.

adorned with little raspberry hearts