I was planning on posting a recipe for Mother’s Day and I could have made the maash ki dal (lentils) that I will be posting for Meatless Monday into a Mother’s Day post.  But, knowing my mom she will say, “Nadiaaaa, maash ki daal is not a Mother’s Day food.”  Yes, you must remember that my mom is sophisticated, hip, and trendy.  If you know my mom at all this is what she strives for, hehe.  I am glad my mom is a hip and trendy mom and 9 times out of 10 people think she is my sister.

But jokes aside, my mom is really a great mom to my sister and myself, she (and my Dad) have raised us to be balanced and open-minded.  I am grateful for this and I always tell my husband I am really happy my parents are the way they are.  We are close and not formal at all.  We have a very frank relationship and my parents values and perspectives have passed down on to us.  It can be hard raising kids in the West, will they “go out of control,” as they say or become too closed off.  Hats off to my Mom (and Dad, but the Dad tribute will come on Father’s Day) for always being there for us and helping us become the people my sister and I have become.  Eternally grateful.