My husband took me to Montreal for my birthday this past weekend.  Too bad we had only two days!  My mind wanted to eat more than my stomach could handle.  Montreal is a true food city and I miss living there.  I love how restaurants are so bustling and the locals are true food enthusiasts.  Here are some memorable food shots of our weekend!  (Sorry for the quality, I feel conscious taking pics at restaurants hahahaha).

Birthday Dinner at Laloux

Salad of Brussels sprouts, rosette, green apple, fresh chèvre (minus the rosette)

Steak tartare

Halibut Prepared like a paella with a saffron sauce Poulette

Braised lamb shoulder, vegetables with cumin and lemon confit jus

Chocolate pot-de-crème, caramel and Maldon salt

Almond Biscotti gift from the restaurant for my birthday

Lunch at Olive et Gourmando (sorry about some of the pics being out of focus, was trying to be incognito 🙂 )

Sweet Potato Soup

My husband and I did our usually half and half (he took half my mango, chicken, guacamole, sandwich and i took half his chevre and caramelized onion sandwich with the most delicious homemade ketchup on the side)

Premiere Moisson bakery

Dinner at 786 Halal, my favorite Pakistani restaurant but unfortunately my camera ran out of battery.  So you will have to see pics from our leftovers the next day :).  We also ordered the half a Lahori Chicken Charga (pictured on the top right corner of the link), but finished it at the restaurant :).

Maash ki Daal (Lentils) sounds simple but this dish is so yummmm and Mattar Keema (Ground beef with peas).  My husband had to order the ground beef even though I make it  at least once a week.

Mutton Biryani

Naan and Nihari (Stewed Beef)